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Following are a few comments from our players and parents at CTA.  If you would like to share a comment yourself, please email to:


We are so happy to have discovered your school.  Gretchen is enjoying tennis so much, and the instructor she has been working with is wonderful.

Mary, September 2016


I have a 13 year old son who has been in tennis clinics, camps and lessons from age 3.  He has played in USTA tournaments for the last 5 years and is currently a state ranked player.  I heard about Charlotte Tennis Academy from various sources and finally came out to participate recently.  After 6 weeks of observing CTA clinics, coaching and most importantly teaching I can state without question that CTA provides the best environment for player development that I have seen for all ages of juniors. My son told me this after his second week at CTA.  He said the coaches take time to talk with us and show us proper techniques and strategies.  They don’t just hit balls at us for 2 hours. I believe we have found the best tennis environment available in the area.

S. Ward, February 2016


Coach Bill, Thank you for the 8+ years of hard work we have put in together.  I wouldn’t be a D1 athlete without you.

- Alex B (Appalacian State Univ), Dec 2014


… just wanted to thank you guys for yesterday…… Reese came home and wouldn’t stop talking about how much fun she had at camp! She really loved it!!!! Thank you:)))))

Jenn, June 2014

Griffin is really enjoying the program at CTA… He’s looking forward to the new challenges!  Thanks for keeping an eye on him and for making sure that he is getting the most out of the training time.

Kyna, February 2014


from a former CTA family who moved out of state….
Not a day goes by that our family doesn’t talk about CTA.  I can’t thank you and the entire staff enough for the positive impact you’ve made on our entire family.  CTA not only taught Davis how to hit a tennis ball but more importantly how the players are expected to conduct themselves.  I have to share a comment that Davis made to me one day when it started raining during practice.  ‘Dad, when it rained at CTA we either kept playing or went under the pavillion and talked about the game.  Here we just waited for the rain to stop.  I don’t like the country club…”

-Bob P., September 2013


Ian is now #2 in NC and 5 in the Southern.  Ian made it to this level because of your hard work and dedication. Thank you from all us!

- Emelyn, August 2013


Hudson has had SO MUCH FUN at Charlotte Tennis Academy.  Thank you!  I’m so glad we discovered CTA.

Thank you for taking care of all of the kids, as you certainly seem genuinely interested in watching them grow. I’m very satisfied with the level of instruction and overall atmosphere of the program. The kids seem to be having a great time and learning a lot and the staff works hard to make it a fantastic experience. I’m looking forward to watching my kids grow up in the program and enjoying many more years at Charlotte Tennis Academy.

-Joe, July 2013


-Margaret, June 2013


Although it’s been around 8 years since I left Charlotte, I hope I haven’t entirely faded from y’alls memories.  Talking with my dad tonight I was spurred to check out CTA’s website, and was hit with a wave of nostalgia as I browsed over it in its entirety.  I really liked the letters to the seniors, about half of which I remember very well (from) around 2001-2005, and I can easily say that CTA gave me my best tennis experience in my 18+ years of playing.  I haven’t thought about the hot, humid summers, the box drill, and the tons of other memories in a long time.

I know this is an out of the blue email, but I felt compelled to get in touch.  You are great instructors, and great men as well.  Keep doing a great job.

Brent H., March 2013


We are so impressed with your program and the quality of your instructors and clinics.  I grew up playing tournament tennis in Texas, and have played at many different sites throughout the years. Your junior program is top notch! My husband and I are blown away with Sam’s recent progress and his excitement around the sport. I am so glad he is having so much fun - and really improving.

Esther, October 2012


Michael is really enjoying the clinics and I/we really like the way everything you are teaching is outlined before the clinic, re-enforced during and reviewed at the end. You do a great job with the kids and we are happy to be able to participate.


Susan, September 2012


Thank you for everything.  Anna is really tired today( a good tired).  She is really learning and enjoying the camp! I’ve been around tennis a long time and have never been so impressed with a program! You are a great team!

- Mary Beth, June 2012


I wanted to let you know that Nicholas did make the tennis team.  I am so proud of him in that he came home one day and said he was going to try out and he accomplished his goal.  I want to thank you and the great coaches at CTA for his accomplishment.  He enjoyed every moment and looked forward to practice every week.

- Deborah, February 2012


Thomas really loves CTA and can’t wait to get to practices.  Thanks for providing a program that is positive, motivating, competitive, and fun!

- Stacey S., November 2011


Michael has LOVED his time at the academy.  He has learned so much.

- Jill B., November 2011


Thanks so much for having them this summer. They have really enjoyed it. Thanks to the clinics they both have been hitting tennis balls against our house several times a day! We really appreciate your teaching efforts and ability to connect with the children. You make a great team and (I think) run the best tennis program in Charlotte!

- Donna, August 2011


I just want to thank you so much for being so welcoming to us. Your ‘customer service’ goes above and beyond.

- Mary B., August 2011


The girls really enjoyed themselves this week.  Thanks for having such great clinics for them.  I truly appreciate what you’re doing for all these young players.

Susan, July 2011


Whenever I am asked about our experience with tennis, I stress to the novice parents that it is a long process, filled with all of the usual vicissitudes of life.  I also point out everyone needs guidance along the way … and the best place to get that in Charlotte is Charlotte Tennis Academy.

Susie (mother of John who went on to play at William and Mary), March 2011


I remember the first day of CTA like it was yesterday. With my brother, I wandered onto the tennis courts and began to warm up… As time went on and as I slowly progressed to the top courts in the player development clinics I didn’t want to be anywhere but CTA… It is impossible to explain how much CTA means to me. Everything I’ve experienced I have enjoyed whole-heartedly. From hot clinic workouts, Penn State suicides, 4-ball drills, the box run, movie/lunch breaks in the summer, sweat bee attacks and everything else - I’ve loved it all… My happiest times have happened at CTA and I’ll never forget my time with coaches and friends.

Conner Boehm, June 2010


Just wanted to thank you for all your help in coaching the boys this summer!  Your coaching is both wonderful for the kids and often entertaining for the parents :)  You have such a great command of the kids - a great mix of humor, enthusiasm, encouragement and firmness.

Heather B., August 2010


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know Emma had a ball at clinic yesterday.  She didn’t want it to end… she got in the car tired and sweaty, which was awesome!  Thanks.

Nicole P., April 2010


We want to thank all the pros over at CTA. The “three-point tournaments” and the good training he has received there helped Mitch play with confidence and calm…. We feel strongly that CTA was the crucial element in Mitch’s achievement (on making his High School tennis team).  Please pass along our appreciation and regard to the CTA pros who work so hard with the kids week in and week out.

Fran B., March 2010


Last night at the dinner table Christopher said ’Yes! Tomorrow is CTA and I can’t wait!‘  You guys must be doing something right.  Thanks for all you do.

Mark, February 2010


I’m writing to thank you for all that you’ve done for me over the past several years.  Some of my fondest memories are of my time spent at CTA.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was just starting in Future Stars… I really feel like you’ve prepared me for college tennis and college life in general.  The pros at CTA teach in a way that truly causes their students to love tennis, and that is one of the reasons CTA has been so special to me.

Angus Walker (went on to play college tennis at Kenyon College), October 2009


I wanted to share how much fun my niece Emily had at Tennis Camp last week.  Everyone made her feel welcome and hopefully, she gained some new friends ‘down south.”  Thank you!

Theresa (from the family of a visiting camper from Maryland), July ‘09


Stephanie is having the time of her life playing tennis at Charlotte Tennis Academy… just wanted to let you know that you have a very enthusiastic student and that she is really enjoying herself.  Thank you!

Bill C., July 2009


CTA is a place where kids learn a whole lot about who they are and what they bring to the table in the real world.  Bill Schillings is there for your child when they are on top and when they are struggling.  He models integrity, honesty, and determination.  He recognizes the importance of developing the whole person and is patient, kind, and direct throughout the process.  While his tennis credentials are hightly impressive, his integrity and ability to undersand the individual needs of each child are extraordinary.

Sandra P., June 2009


My son, Steve started lessons at CTA in 2003 when was 13 and continued studying tennis with the Academy until he graduated from High School last year.  He always looked forward to attending both group clinics and individual coaching sessions.  CTA’s group clinics harnessed all that youthful competitive spirit in innovative drills and games that rapidly increased his tennis skills and knowledge.  I was always impressed by how CTA’s programs efficiently used the boys’ and girls’ natural desire to win to drive their competence rapidly upward while maintaining respect for competitors and the teaching staff.  His training at CTA gave him the confidence and skill to compete well at junior tournaments, High School tennis, and lately, intercollegiate club level tennis.  Thanks for the great experience, and good luck in the future.  We’re fortunate that you were recommended to us, and we in turn recommend you to anyone.

Steve, February 2009


John loves CTA.  He’s played in clinics at camp/family vacations from Massachussets to Colorado and always says that the best clinics have been at Charlotte Tennis Academy.  Thanks for all you do and have done!

Susie, August 2008


The instructors at CTA are gifted instructors, but that is not where it stops.  Their hearts and souls are in it too.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for your positive, upbeat, super-organized, clear and courteous manner that not only extends to your students, but also to parents.  I always walk or drive away feeling good after any communication.  And I know that beyond Andrew looking forward to each lesson and learning excellent tennis skills, he will also get a lesson on how to grow up to be a good man - because you all set such an excellent example.

Beth,  February 2009


I was referred to CTA last summer by the owner of another tennis program who said that HIS children take tennis at CTA.  Now I know why!  I took his advice and signed my children up for lessons at CTA and I have been thrilled with the quality of the instruction.  My children enjoy tennis at CTA and are really starting to show good form and skill at a game that is challenging for young people to master.  Now CTA is an ongoing highlight of our week.  I wish we had discovered it sooner.

Cynthia, November 2008


I am so glad I discovered tennis lessons at CTA.  Everything from registration to lessons has been a positive experience.  The coaches are wonderful with the kids, skilled in teaching and clearly love what they do.  As a result my son can’t wait to get his lessons each week and I enjoy every moment of watching him play.  CTA is doing a stellar job.  In my opinion it’s the best place for a kid to learn tennis in Charlotte!”

Jackie, November 2008


Consummate professionalism and a high level of motivation are what come to mind when I think about Charlotte Tennis Academy.  Bill Schillings, owner of CTA prides himself on not only developing championship level tennis players, but just as important is his staff’s commitment to developing the character of that up and coming tennis player.  The Charlotte Tennis Academy offers programs at every level.  From the beginner to national level tennis players, there’s a place for everyone.  Since 1989, The Charlotte Tennis Academy has been developing quality tennis players and citizens of outstanding character.

Charlotte Health and Fitness, May 2007


Thank you so much for coaching me this year.  I have gotten a ton better since I started taking from you.  You have helped my attitide and my tournament play a lot.

Alex B., December 2008


We continue to be thankful for CTA and all the gifts that tennis has bestowed on our children.  They would not be the good people that they are without all of the lessons that they learned on the courts at CTA.  What has always impressed me about Bill, in particular, is that he really understands his players’ learning style, strengths, weaknesses, and coaches accordingly.  He also seems to make decisions that are in the best interest of the child.  In essence, he takes care of their ‘head’ and ‘heart.’  We are fans!

Kathy, June 2009