Summer camps are just around the corner – here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get this time of year.

What is the schedule?

Monday thru Thursday 10-3 and Friday 10-12 starting June 11th thru Aug 17th. Morning clinic from 10-12: supervised lunch 12-1 (kids bring their own lunches): afternoon clinic 1-3. The registration, schedule, and sign up form are all on our website.  

The best schedule for each player depends on a variety of factors: age, interest, goals, level, tournaments, vacations, etc. We always suggest, if possible, setting up a consistent schedule through the whole summer rather than attending sporadically.

Can I customize a schedule week to week?

Yes. You can schedule weekly based on your needs. Of course if you want to set up a consistent schedule over multiple weeks (or the whole summer) that’s usually easiest and better for everyone. Players can sign up for specific days in the week and have the option to come half days or full days. Keep in mind that the curriculum is set up to build over the week and cover a variety of topics.

What is the curriculum/content of the clinics?

Each day we have a theme topic. Mornings focus on technique, skill development, and applying those skills using “stipulated” point play. Afternoons focus strategy and tactics, using the skills we focused on in the morning, and the mental skills needed to compete well. Team competition, mini-tournaments, and match play all happen in the afternoon – which always makes it a favorite for the kids. Note to parents: don’t let your kids sign up for afternoon clinic just so they can sleep in and “play” in the afternoon. It’s best for their development to either come all day or do a combination of morning/afternoon sessions through the week.

How do I know what level to sign up for?

If your kid is already in the program sign up for the level they are presently in. If they are new, contact us with some background information and we can point you in the right direction. It also helps if you can bring them out to attend a clinic during the spring 2 session so our pros can get to know them.

Doesn’t it get too hot to play tennis outside?

Generally speaking, no. However, we keep a close watch on the heat index (temperature, humidity) and modify our format to allow for more breaks (rest every 15-20 minutes with mandatory water intake) during the workouts. The summer is a great time to teach our players (many of whom play tournaments in the summer) how to deal with the heat – proper hydration, nutrition, sleep, equipment preparation, etc. Adversity always represents an opportunity to learn.  We look forward to the occasional warm afternoon because it gives our kids the chance to acclimate and gain a competitive advantage.

Can I bring my 6 year old all day?

We do not provide an all day camp for really young kids. However, we are holding a half day tennis camp for beginner players, ages 8+  on Mondays and Fridays 10-12am. Sign up and registration information is on the website.

When are the good kids coming?

That is a hard if not impossible question to answer, even though it’s one we hear often, for a variety of reasons (which we won’t go into now because it makes us tennis pros crazy). Let’s just say that we work very hard in our planning before, during and after every clinic to make sure that our players are challenged competitively in every session. We use a “ladder” based system that insures that every kid gets to play against a variety of skill levels and game styles over time.

Can I drop off early and pick up late?

Yes, as long as it’s prearranged and we are properly staffed to accommodate that.  Just let us know your schedule needs – how early/late you need to be there. The kids are welcome to practice on their own, catch up on summer reading, or relax in the clubhouse (DVD player, nice sofas, air-conditioning) before or after clinic.

Can you recommend other summer camps?

If you are looking for a sleep over camp we can point you toward some good options. Keep in mind that the tennis content (instruction, drilling, match play, variety of players, etc.) that we provide at CTA mimics (and hopefully exceeds) what you find at most sleep over camps – just closer to home and for less money.

What do you do if it rains?

We usually will cancel a session due to rain and reschedule for a later clinic. A voicemail update will be on the CTA phone (704-556-1001) one hour before any session (morning or afternoon) in which weather looks to be an issue.


Please let us know if we can help further by emailing us at or calling CTA at 704-556-1001.