Our intent in providing this list is to give parents/players some perspective on our program and the world of junior tennis. There is no magic formula that guarantees success, each one of these players is unique. They do share, however, a common bond and lasting legacy at CTA.


Former CTA Players who have become College players:

Reid Lerner -  Yale

Brian Rudisell -Furman

Ryan Boward - NC State

John Braig - Mary Washington

Brian Cowman - UNC Greensboro-NC State

Chris Anderson - William and Mary

Katharine Annas -  Wofford

Rebecca Weeks - University of Virginia

Jennifer Sopel - Appalachian

Whit Hansen - Davidson

Jeffrey Smith -  NC State

Shaun Thomas -  NC State

Kevin Beard - Elon

John Boetsch -  Erskine-Clemson

Becky Emmers - Pittsburgh

Jennifer Smith - Notre Dame


Dennis Myers -  NC State-UNC Wilmington

Laura Cowman - NC State

Paul Bartholomy -  Wofford

Josh Ray -  Gardner Webb

Kinsey Pate - James Madison

Ryan Forbes -  Wingate

John Banks -  William and Mary

Devon Sutherland -  UNC Greensboro

Kathleen Elkins -  Williams

Julia Paulson -  Wofford

Angus Walker -  Kenyon

Alan Jackson - Middlebury College

Reid Dillon -  UNC-Asheville

Sara Yousif -Flagler

Carson Trapp -  Eckerd College

Alex Brea -  Appalacian State University





Those that pursue tennis seriously are faced with unpredictable challenges in a constantly changing environment. The players listed here have learned how to deal with change and achieved success over long periods of time


 The players on this list are a testimony to the credibility of our program which we hope speaks to the parents considering sending their children to CTA. Our hope is that they also serve as models for the players in our program at present. 


Our goal is to create an environment that enables those kids who have the desire and work ethic to excel to do so. We consider it a privilege to work with all the kids who come to our program, not just the most talented players. Every player has equal access.


We have been running our program at CTA since the fall of 1989, our vision has been to provide a quality, consistent program for players at all levels. The best athletes in any sport perform consistently well over time; we strive to do the same.