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Welcome to Charlotte Tennis Academy where we’ve offered quality tennis instruction for beginners through advanced players for 20+ years.  Our main focus is on junior players and we offer a comprehensive program of group clinics as well as private lessons which are taught by certified tennis professionals in an organized, fun environment.  Our goal is to help our players improve their tennis skills and learn to apply those skills in competition; but most importantly, to develop life skills through 'the sport of a lifetime.'


Junior Tennis Academy

During the school year we offer group clinics for our players Monday through Thursday during the week and on Saturdays.  They run on 8/9 week sessions, continuously throughout the year.  Daily sign ups are also accepted.

Summer sign ups are still available through Aug 22nd! We offer full and half day clinics with flexible scheduling. This allows our students to train consistently throughout the summer, without breaking the bank. Or, if you prefer, you may schedule a full week camp when in town. We have developed a weekly curriculum that includes proper stroke production, footwork patterns, strategic awareness, tactical adjustments and mental toughness training.


Meet our group of experienced coaches who are passionate about sharing the sport of tennis.  We provide the most up to date techniques, drills and teaching tools available.  But we are mindful that each student is unique.  Therefore, we work individually with players to establish realistic, challenging and attainable goals and then develop a plan to reach those goals.  Tennis is easy to learn but hard to master.  That’s one of the many reasons it is such a great sport and why we love sharing the game with others.

ADult instruction

If you are an adult who would like to learn tennis, sharpen your skills or simply get in a good workout we would be happy to help.  We love to share with adults all the latest techniques, drills and teaching tools that we make available to our most advanced juniors.  There’s no reason adults can’t have great technique, footwork and competitive skills, too!  It just takes a willing spirit and a little time.  We offer lessons year-round and would be happy to work within your schedule.


Our priority – we specialize in providing quality tennis clinics and lessons; it’s all we do and it’s what we’ve been doing successfully since the fall of 1989.

Our passion – we love teaching tennis and (we’ve been told) that shows in the energy, enthusiasm and effort we bring every day.  Our goal is to pass that along to all of our students.

Our perspective – we believe tennis is the conduit through which people (particularly kids) develop character, learn life skills and build relationships that impact them well beyond the tennis court.

Our professionalism – we strive to make every clinic and lesson a great experience for our students.  We focus on doing the details, behind the scenes, so we can provide an environment for success.