We are what we repeatedly do.  excellence,therefore, is not an act but a habit. 


                                                   comfort is the enemy of progress                                                   


Charlotte Tennis Academy began in the fall of 1989 for the purpose of building a first class instructional program for juniors of all ages and ability levels. We provide year-round coaching where players can develop from a beginner to national level player. Our vision is to provide one location where junior players are the priority and where a  large pool of players provide a competitive variety of people with whom to practice and improve.

Tennis is a lifetime sport that provides an opportunity for players to stay fit, enhance self-esteem, and build character  through the many life lessons that involvement in tennis can provide. We take pride in providing organized, well run programs with experienced coaches using the latest teaching techniques with an awareness that tennis is part of a bigger picture in our students’ lives. We encourage good sportsmanship, self discipline and hard work, realizing that we are developing quality people, not just good tennis players.

We have established an excellent reputation through developing many highly ranked players at the high school, state, sectional and national levels, many of whom have become successful at the college level.

We run our programs year-round.  Occasionally it gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  Tennis is played in all kinds of conditions so we don't mind when we have the opportunity to train in (sometimes) uncomfortable environments.  To us, that represents an opportunity to learn how to deal with adversity.  One of our players years ago came up with his motto for CTA which was, ‘This ain’t the Country Club.’  That young man later became an Army Green Beret.